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09 September 2020


Shield and Sword RPG Music Loops Pack 1 is a complete music set you'll need to give the soul of the game world. This pack contains 10 epic loops composed for RPG games. This product is divided into five themes: underground, islands, forest, castle and night. Each theme has two action categories - exploration and battle. In this pack you will find music with powerful drums, heroic brass, strings perfectly depicting the fantastic world. All of this with the great choir support.


  • Underground - Exploration (loop) [0:51]
  • Underground - Battle (loop) [0:31]
  • Islands - Exploration (loop) [1:00]
  • Islands - Battle (loop) [0:35]
  • Forest - Exploration (loop) [2:10]
  • Forest - Battle (loop) [1:12]
  • Castle - Exploration (loop) [2:40]
  • Castle - Battle (loop) [1:46]
  • Night - Exploration (loop) [1:23]
  • Night - Battle (loop) [0:55]



file format - wave 48.0 KHz 16 bit,

total duration - 13 minutes 3 seconds

size - 143 MB

by Irek Kuzlak

pdf version

Melancholy Piano Gaming Loops

 Release data:  December 2020

RPG Music Loops

Shield and Sword

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